Patient Stories

Actual PatientP. K.

Crooked Teeth

With college graduation fast approaching, Patricia Knutti began to think about job interviews and transitioning to her new professional life ahead. She was tired of hiding her crooked teeth and not feeling she could smile proudly to exude the confidence she felt inside. It was time to straighten her smile, but Patricia cringed at the idea of meeting potential employers while wearing metal braces. Already young and applying for jobs, she couldn't risk appearing childish and immature. Thanks to Dr. Peer, Patricia found the ideal solution with Invisalign. "Invisalign was the perfect alternative to braces, especially when I was moving from college to a career," Patricia explains. "The aligners were clear, comfortable and really easy to maintain." With beautiful, straight teeth, Patricia is now ready to embark into the professional world with confidence and an exceptional smile.

Actual PatientC. B.

Unhappy with the appearance of her teeth

Imagine trying to hide your teeth throughout every step of your life while feeling reluctant and embarrassed to laugh openly or smile freely. Christy Blanks suffered through this self-consciousness her entire life. She sought the expertise of Dr. Peer to give her the smile she never had before. Dr. Peer and Christy collaborated and decided Lumineers would be the best treatment for her smile's condition. Voila! Instantly, Christy's smile was transformed. "I am constantly complimented on my smile now that I have Lumineers," Christy beams. "I am more confident and no longer feel like I have to cover my mouth every time I smile." Christy's new smile has improved more than just her appearance – she now has more self-confidence and freedom to outwardly show her inner joy and happiness through laughter and an elegant smile.

Actual PatientT. D.

Crooked Teeth

Theresa Duffey lived with the embarrassment of crooked teeth for years. Once she made the decision to correct her teeth, Theresa did not want to wait through years of metal braces for a new smile. She wanted it as soon as she could have it. Theresa consulted with Dr. Peer, underwent Invisalign treatment and began enjoying a stunning, perfectly aligned smile in just nine months! "The Invisalign aligners really worked for me," Theresa says. "They were comfortable and easy to maintain." Theresa radiates with her new, fabulous smile! "After six months, I am still amazed when I look in the mirror and see the results - perfectly straight teeth!"

Patient Talk

"Great service! Everyone is always so welcoming and helpful."
- K. H.

"Very friendly office. Plus the personnel is outstanding. Love the Doctor."
- N. Y.

"The young lady that assisted Dr. Peer was wonderful. She put me at ease and we chatted about common interests. Dr. Peer was very friendly and has a very good touch working with his patients. I am thrilled I found such a caring dentist with a wonderful staff so close to my home."
- K. C.

"Friendly, positive, professional service. I understand more about my teeth than ever before, and I am over fifty. Cavity prone all my life, I feel that now, after coming here to this office two years ago, I have a realistic chance of keeping my teeth all my life."
- J. B.

"All of my dental needs have been met with a positive experience."
- A. B.

"Excellent care and attention to my emergency need just before a holiday! Highly recommend Dr. Peer and his staff!"
- C. P.